Russia’s Soyuz-FG Carrier rocket sets 5 Satellites into Orbit

Russia’s Soyuz-FG carrier rocket set off from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan.

The Soyuz-FG carrier rocket will put the following 5 satellites into orbit:-

1) Russian satellite Canopus-B

2) Russian Satellite MKA-PN1

3) Belarusian satellite BKA

4) Canadian satellite ADS-1B

5) German satellite TET-1

Russian satellite Canopus-B

Developed by the All-Russia Research Institute of Electromechanics

Weighs about 400 kg

Will work on a circular orbit at a height of 510 km

Objective: For remote sensing of the Earth

Russian Satellite MKA-PN1

Developed by Russia’s NPO Lavochkin aerospace company

Objective: To collect data to help meteorologists build models of ocean circulation – in particular in Arctic waters along Russian shores and climate dynamics.

Belarusian satellite BKA

Belarusian satellite analogue of the Canopus-B

Weighs about 400 kg

Objective: Designed for remote sensing of the Earth.

Canadian satellite ADS-1B

Built by the Com Dev aerospace company

Objective: Will form part of a ship-identification satellite system.

German satellite TET-1

Part of the German Aerospace Center’s On-Orbit Verification Program

Objective: To conduct a test on new space technologies.



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