Russian troops start withdrawal

Ukraine has affirmed that the Russian troops who were believed to be in the Ukrainian territory have withdrawn back to Russian soils. This is a major step which will help bring back peace in the region. After about 5 months of intense fighting which had followed the Russian occupation of Crimea, the region saw a wavering ceasefire deal. There were violations reported from the Russian side.
Presidents of both the nations Russia and Ukraine have expressed their satisfaction at the development of situations and the current status of ceasefire. The two also spoke in phone expressing their pleasure at the difficult process of ceasefire.
Moscow has always remained in the denial mode over the involvement of Russia in any form to help the rebels. The European Union along with US has however, never agreed to the same stance of Russia. The recent developments if sustain will be quite helpful for a successful and useful dissolution of the crisis. Many people have lost their lives and many more have been displaced. The rebel controlled territories have known no rest since a last few months.
The EU leaders are working on the decision of whether to impose tougher and harder sanctions. The decision will change many political and economic equations in the region. The EU is supposed to present its stance on furthering with a new package of tougher economic penalties against Russia by a few days. This is deliberately done to assess the effectiveness of the ceasefire which was agreed to and the ground situations in the conflict zone. OCSE has agreed to send more observers to loosely watch the progress of truce. These will be in addition to the 70 monitors which are already looking at the ceasefire.



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