Russia test-fires S-500 air defence missile systems

On 20th July, 2021, Russia announced that it had successfully test-fired S-500 its new air defence missile systems at a southern training range of the country and had successfully hit a high-speed ballistic target.


S-500 air defence missile systems

Russia announced that the S-500 is the most advanced anti-missile system in the world and is expected to have a range of 600km. This missile system is also capable of countering attacks from the space. This missile system was test fired in the Kapustin Yar training ground and live fire exercises were conducted. The missiles successfully hit a high-speed ballistic target. After tests are successfully completed the first S-500 systems which are also named the Triumfator-M and Prometheus will be placed at an air defence unit outside the city of Moscow.


Development of the S-500 air defence missile system

The development of this missile system is years behind schedule. The military had earlier announced that the army would begin receiving the first S-500 systems in the year 2020. Almaz-Anty, the maker of the systems announced in April that it was nearing completion.


Other tests carried out by Russia

Russia announced that it another successful test of its Zircon hypersonic cruise missile had been carried out. Zircon is a part of a new arsenal of weapons of Russia.


Turkey a NATO member has bought S-400 defence system from Russia despite receiving protests from the United States that doing so will threaten NATO’s defences.




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