Russia: First Country in the world to complete COVID-19 human trials

The Sechenov University of Russia has successfully completed the human trials of COVID-19 vaccine. Thereby, Russia has become the first country in the world to complete COVID-19 trials.


The first phase of Russian clinical trials included testing 18 volunteers. During the second stage, a group of 20 volunteers were vaccinated. However, the WHO lists the Russian clinical trial a Phase I.

Phases of Vaccine Trials

Usually, the first phase of vaccine involves testing a group of people with the goal to test the safety of the vaccines. During phase I, the researchers collect data on antibodies and health outcomes. Later, the side effects of the vaccine are noted.

The phase two trials involve more healthy volunteers. IT relies on immunogenic and toxicity results from phase I.

The Phase III involves trials on a larger population.

What is the controversy?

With the race to discovery of COVID-19 vaccine, countries are shortening their trials. The number of people being involved in the trials are also very minimal. Usually it takes years together to put a vaccine to use.


India has announced that it will begin administering COVID-19 vaccine on August 15, 2020.

Russia has been working on 17 vaccines for COVID-19.




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