Record Pulses produced by India in 2012-13

The country has achieved a record pulses production of 18.45 million tonnes (MT) in the 2012-13 crop year(June) compared with 18 MT in the third estimates released in May 2013, while food grain output declined by 1.5% to 255.36 MT due to drought in some states in 2012.

Pulses output has been revised upward to record 18.45 MT in 2012-13 as compared with the 2011-12 output which stood at 17.09 MT.

How would record pulses production will affect?

  • Higher supply will reduce imports and also prices. Higher support price prompted farmers to grow pulses and so the output has been good this time.

Various food grains Input/ Output:

  • India has produced 255.36 MT of food grains during the 2012-13. The food grains output is same as it was in the 3rd estimate, but it is lower than the record 259.29 MT achieved in the 2011-12 crop year (July-June).
  • Rice production has been revised upward to 104.4 MT from 104.22 MT in the third estimates but the rice output is lower at 105.3 MT compared with 2011-12.
  • Coarse cereals production estimates has also been revised upward at 40.06 MT in 2012-13 from 39.52 MT in the third estimate, but it is still lower than 42.01 MT in 2012.
  • Wheat output has been revised downward to 92.46 MT from 93.62 MT in the third estimate. Production stood at record 94.88 MT in 2011-12.

Future prospects: The production is expected to bounce back this year as the country is presently receiving good monsoon and sowing area has exceeded last year’s level so far.