Record Aid Appeal of $22.7 billion by UN for 2017

In a record appeal, the UN has expressed need for $22.7 billion to cover humanitarian projects of relief which will cover 93 million people across 33 countries. The appeal has shown the state of humanitarian crisis prevalent in the world. The massive need has not been seen ever since World War II and has been purely due to man-made conflicts like those in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and South Sudan.

As per the Financial Trancing Service (FTS), the UN-managed site tracking humanitarian aid,  only 51.4 percent of the humanitarian aid appeals were funded till end of last month. As per the World Food Programme’s response team at Yemen, millions of people are living on the brink of famine. The endless war and strife in Syria and Iraq has led to massive refugee crisis. As per UNHCR, about 65.3 million people are internally displaced since World War II.


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