RBI constitutes Tarun Ramadorai committee to look at household finances in India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has constituted Dr. Tarun Ramadorai committee to study various facets of household finance in India.
The committee will be chaired by Tarun Ramadorai, Professor of Financial Economics at University of Oxford. It will also have representation from all financial sector regulators in India.
Terms of References of Committee

  • Study various facets of household finance in India and benchmark India’s position against both the peer countries and advanced countries.
  • Study the reasons behind the deviation of financial allocations of Indian households like the large household allocation to gold.
  • Evaluate the design of new systems and the redesign of existing systems of incentives and regulations to encourage.
  • Evaluate households’ demands in financial markets for assets such as pensions as well as liabilities such as home loans over the coming decade.
  • Assess the role of new financial technologies and products such as robo-advising, automatically refinancing mortgages.



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