Rare supercomet “C/2012 S1 (ISON)” to appear brighter than Moon in 2013

As per astronomers, Earth will witness a rare supercomet, C/2012 S1 (ISON), rushing towards the Sun from the outer solar system and at its peak it may outshine the Moon in November, 2013. This is ISON’s first trip to the inner solar system.

Scientists expect it to put as good a show as Hale-Bopp did in 1997, which is believed to be the most widely observed comet of the 20th century and one of the brightest seen for many decades.

Its observations will also throw light on material in the outer solar system 4.6 billion years ago, when ISON formed.

In 2013, a different kind of celestial fireworks will also take place when a gas cloud with three times Earth’s mass will collide with Sagittarius A (super-massive black hole) located at the centre of the galaxy around 25,000 light years away.



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