President inaugurats Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid Project

President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated Andhra Pradesh Fibre Grid project, aimed at providing affordable high-speed internet service to every household in the state at a nominal rate.
Fibre Grid project also termed as Triple Play2 Services envisages to provide internet, television and telephone services to more than one lakh households in the state at a nominal price.

Key Facts

The Fibre Grid project aims to connect over 1.45 crore households, 60000 schools, 12198 Panchayats, 10000 government offices, 670 mandal Offices, 96 municipalities, 14 corporations, 6000 Public Health Centres (PHCs) with high speed internet.
The internet services provided under this project will be available at very high speed of 15Mbps to 100Mbps, television services will provide infotainment with 250 plus channels and telephone services will be completely rental-free.
Through the fibre grid, state government will also provide state-wide surveillance, using more than 20,000 closed-circuit cameras and 16 integrated district command control and data centres. It will also power digital classrooms in over 4,000 government schools and offer telemedicine services at over 6,000 public health centres. It will power the smart cities initiative.
It has also been proposed to set up cloud-based virtual classroom systems using fibre grid to enhance learning skills and knowledge through qualitative digital and multimedia content in 4,678 government high schools across AP in a phased manner,