Poland out of EU’s Climate Neutrality 2050 plan

On December 13, 2019, Poland left 2050 Climate Neutrality Agreement of European Union as the Union demanded for more funds to support nuclear power and for economic transition.


Poland, whose 80% of energy needs are relied on coal opted out of Climate Neutrality 2050 plan. The country requested to extend the plan execution deadline to 2070 availing longer period to cut emissions according to the plan. But net players like Netherlands refused to agree to the terms that led Poland to leave the plan.

Hungary and Czech Republic stopped their resistance after nuclear energy was recognized as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

European Union 2050 Climate Neutrality Plan

The Climate Neutrality Plan is a key commitment under 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It is a 100 billion Euro plan for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It is also called European Green Deal or Europe’s man on the moon moment.

Previously under Paris Agreement, the EU had committed to reduce its emission by 40% by 2030 as compared to 1990. There were no goals set for 2050 initially. Under the new plan, the 2030 target has been increased to 50% and a new 100% target has been set for 2050.

Climate Neutrality means emissions will have no impact on climate. It also includes warming effects that do not come from carbon. The plan is important as the EU bloc that comprises of 28 countries is the third largest economic bloc after China and US in contributions to climate change.




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