PM Modi inaugurats a 175 km long of sewerage network at Prayagraj

In Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated a 175 km long of sewerage network at Prayagraj, which will carry 7.8 Cr litres sewage water per day to existing STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) at Salori, Kodra & Ponghat for treatment which earlier ended up in Ganga. He also laid the foundation stone for two projects in the trans-Ganga/Yamuna area under One City-One Operator scheme with a sanctioned budget of Rs 767.59 crore.The project is based on Hybrid Annuity based Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode that includes operations and maintenance of all the sewerage infrastructure for 15 years. These projects include intersection and diversion (I&D) of sewage network, seven sewage pumping stations and three STPs having a total capacity of 72 million litre per day (MLD). With these projects, there will be comprehensive sewerage coverage of Prayagraj, including areas on the other side of the Ganga and Yamuna rivers.



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