Pinaka Mark-II rockets successfully tested at Pokhran

Advanced version of indigenous Pinaka mark-II rockets were successfully tested on 30 May 2015 in Pokhran field firing ranges in Rajasthan.
They were test-fired using a multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL). In the test six rounds were successfully tested which had hit the target situated 53 kms from the firing point.
The MBRL version of Pinaka has high operational mobility, flexibility and accuracy which is capable of acting as a force multiplier and has been developed to supplement artillery guns.

Facts about Pinaka II rockets

  • The Pinaka II rocket is also known as the Weapon Area System (WAS).
  • Jointly and indigenously developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the Indian Army.
  • It has battery of six launchers which can fire rockets with a range of 40-65 kms.
  • WAS can fire a salvo of 12 rockets in 44 seconds with 1.2 tonne of high explosives.
  • Can neutralise a target area of 3.9 square km and supplement existing artillery system at a range beyond 30 km.
  • Can be fitted with wide range of warheads including blast-cum-pre-fragmented high explosives to anti-tank mines.

It should be noted that Pinaka had undergone several tough tests since 1995 and already has been introduced into the Indian army.



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