Petroleum Ministry launches two new consumer empowering initiatives

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has launched two new consumer empowering initiatives. These are:

  • Sale of 5 kg LPG cylinders at market price
  • Inter-Company LPG Portability scheme
Sale of 5 kg LPG cylinders at market price without any POA/POI:

The Petroleum Ministry has launched this scheme keeping in view the needs of a special group of consumers like IT professionals, BPO employees, migrants who want LPG but in absence of proper proof of address (POA) cannot access the same.  Further, because of their highly irregular work timings, they may not be able to visit the distributor or be at home to receive cylinders during normal working hours. For some consumers, the need is in small parcels or arises at odd times of the day when distributors may be closed. Through this programme, the 5 kg LPG cylinders will be sold at market price with merely any Proof of Identity (POI) through Company Owned Retail Outlets (Petrol Stations). The sale of cylinders will be done (Equipment + Product) at Non Domestic rates with /without regulator for the first time by charging Rs. 1000/- plus applicable taxes for the cylinder and Rs. 250/- plus applicable taxes for regulator. The cost of product and refills i.e. Cost of LPG will be as per non domestic rates applicable in the market. This scheme has been launched in the cities of Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore on a pilot basis through select Retail Outlets. Upon completion of the pilot, the facility would be extended to other towns and cities too.

Inter-Company LPG Portability scheme

Under the portability scheme, a consumer can opt for the distributor of his choice within a cluster of LPG distributors in the vicinity. The option is to be registered electronically on the website of the Oil Marketing Company (OMC) to which the consumer is presently attached.  This will bring great relief to consumers who are unhappy with their LPG distributor or want to move to a distributor closer to his home.



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