Persons in News: Bo Xilai

Bo Xilai expelled from China’s Parliament, stripped of legal immunity

China expelled disgraced Communist Party leader Bo imageXilai’s from country’s Parliament and also stripped him of legal immunity to start legal proceedings into offences alleged on him.

Bo faces a number of charges including, corruption, moral turpitude and attempts to protect his wife Gu Kailai from investigations into the murder of British Businessman Neil Heywood.

Who is Bo Xilai and what is the case?

  • Bo Xilai was one of the Communist Party’s top leaders before he was felled by one of the biggest scandals in China.
  • His political career overturned following the Wang Lijun incident, in which his top lieutenant and police chief sought asylum at the American consulate in Chengdu and revealed details of Bo’s alleged involvement in a homicide plot.
  • Following this, Bo was removed as Chongqing party chief and suspended from the politburo.



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