People of Age 65 years and above shall opt for postal ballot

The Law Ministry recently amended the Conduct of Election Rules. According to the amendment, the ministry has allowed the COVID-19 suspects to use postal ballot facility. Alongside, the ministry has also allowed the people of age 65 years and above to use the postal ballot facility.


After the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, Bihar will be the first state to hold assembly elections. The state residents will be the first to be benefited from the above amendment.

It is to be noted that in October 2019, the Law Ministry amended the Conduct of Election rules to allow persons with disabilities and also people of age 80 years and above to opt for postal ballot system during parliamentary and assembly elections.

Why 65 years?

The age limit has been reduced from 80 years to 65 years. This is because, the people that are of age 65 and above are highly vulnerable to COVID-19.




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