Parliament passes Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill, 2016

The Parliament has passed the Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill, 2016 to provide statutory status to the existing Regional Centre for Biotechnology in Faridabad, Haryana.
The Bill seeks to provide legislative backing to the Regional Centre and also confers upon it the status of an institution of national importance.
Key Facts

  • Objectives of the Regional Centre: (i) Disseminate knowledge by providing teaching and research facilities in biotechnology and related fields, (ii) create a hub of biotechnology expertise, (iii) facilitate transfer of technology and knowledge in the SAARC region and generally Asia and (iv) Promote cooperation at the international level.
  • Powers: (i) Provide masters, post-graduate diplomas and doctoral degrees in biotechnology and related subjects (eg. Agricultural, medical and engineering sciences)

(ii) Institute academic positions like professorships and appoint them (iii) Determine standards of admission to the Regional Centre etc.

  • It will have Board of Governors, Programme Advisory Committee, Executive Committee and Finance Committee etc. as authorities responsible for its administration and functioning.


  • In 2006, India had entered into an agreement with the UNESCO regarding establishment of the Regional Centre for Biotechnology Training and Education in India to serve the member countries of UNESCO.
  • In light of this agreement, the Union government had established the Regional Centre for Biotechnology Training and Education in Faridabad, Haryana in 2009 through an executive order.



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