Panna Tiger Reserve of MP undergoes vulture population estimation

The Vulture Population Estimation-2013 has been concluded in the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.Counting found 867 vultures including 160 migratory and 48 of unidentified origins.  The number of vultures found this year is less compared to last year. The reason could be the sudden increase in temperature in the area during the estimation week. Seven out of nine vulture species in the Indian sub-continent were found in Panna.

Another survey will be conducted in April-May 2013 to assess success rate of vulture breeding in Panna Tiger Reserve.

Vulture Population Estimation

Vulture Population Estimation is being conducted in Panna Tiger Reserve annually in January since 2010. It is carried out with public private participation with the co-operation of bird watchers from across the country. Various species of vultures include Long Billed Vultures, White Backed Vultures, Egyptian Vultures and Red-headed Vultures. The migratory vultures found during the estimation were European Griffon, Himalayan Griffon and vultures of cinereous species. It is being considered to include Paragrin spies of vulture also in the Vulture Population Estimation next year.

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