Noted Gujarati writer Labshankar Thakar passes away

Noted Gujarati writer and poet Labhshankar Thakar passed away after prolonged illness in Ahmedabad. He was 80.
He was modernist author of Gujarati literature with influence of existentialism challenging traditional literature styles.

About Labshankar Thakar

  • Thakar was born on 14 January 1935 in Sedla village near Surendranagar in Gujarat. He was popularly known by his penname Punarvasu and Vaidya Punarvasu.
  • Apart from being Gujarati poet, playwright and story writer he was also an Ayurvedic Practitioner.
  • Poetry Collection: Some of his poems are Vahi Jati Pachhal Ramya Ghosha (1965), Manasni Vaat (1968), Mara Namne Darwaje (1972), Boom Kagalma Kora (1974), Pravahan (1986), Kalagranthi (1987).
  • Plays: Asatyakumar Ekagrani Dharpakad, Make Believe (1967), Mari Jawani Maza (1973), Bathtub ma Machhali (1982) etc.
  • Other Work: His novels are Akasmat (1968) and Kon? (1968). His works of criticism is Malela Jeevni Samiksha and Inner Life (1969).
  • Ek Minute (1986) and Kshana Tatkshana (1989) are his collected works of journalism. Maari Ba (1989) is a biographical work about his mother.
  • He also wrote several books on Ayurveda and also had published several magazines including Kriti and Unmoolan.
  • Awards and Honours: Sahitya Akadami Award (1991) for his poetry- Tolan Aawaz Ghunghat, Sahitya Gaurav Puraskar (2002) of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Kumar Chandrak (1962), Narmad Chandrak and Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak (1981).



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