New rules and regulations on the anvil by UK to pick and choose immigrants

Confluent immigration and “world class” designers, performers and intellectuals are to be given personal preference under strategies developed to entice “the brightest and best” to The United kingdom while maintaining out those likely to be a problem on the condition.

New rules to be declared soon as part of the “transformation of British immigration policy,”. The move sparked charges of “cherry picking,” with critics controversy that it would discriminate against people from poorer countries.

Under the aimed “selectivity” policy, the recent alterations brought in by the Conservative-led alliance government since it came to power less than two years ago, those missing the kind of skills that UK needs to encourage its economy and spouses of immigrants already settled in Britain would face tougher controls.

The fresh policy was directed as much at cutting down the immigration levels as assured by the Conservatives in their election manifesto as at pulling only the very best.

Harder checks will ensure that foreign spouses of British citizens would have to establish that they are capable to support themselves and not land up depending upon state benefits. The family would be required to demonstrate a family annual income of £26,000.


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