New Incidents change dynamics of India-China Border

India has recently increased its patrolling in the Line of Actual Control. This in turn increased bolstering of Chinese troops in the Aksai Chin Region.


Since May 2020, India has been entering China occupied region. India has recently constructed defence facilities across the border in the Galwan Valley region. This is the main reason behind the recent India-China border issue being rising up.

Following this, on May 5, 2020, Indian and Chinese army clashed in the Pangong Tso Lake Area in Ladakh. There was similar face-off near Naku La Pass in North Sikkim after four days of the clash.

These incidents have led to the increased army presence of both the countries in the border.

What is the issue?

Both India and China claim the regions of Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh. The military clashes are occurring as the countries have not come to conclusion in demarcating the boundary.


India demands for two lines in the border. A line that Chinese do not cross and another line that India will not cross.


China demands for a comprehensive code of conduct for the forces of both the countries. India is reluctant to accept the code of conduct as the proposal limits modernization of Indian military. It will also enable China to preserve to military advantage of Tibet.

The above mismatches are the main reasons for the countries being not able to come to conclusion over the border.

Why are Indian Actions being called illegal?

The Indian patrolling along the border is being called illegal. This is mainly because according to 2013 Border Defence Cooperation Agreement that was signed by India and China, “Patrols shall not be allowed on other sides where there is no common understanding”.




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