New Draft Rules for CICs and ICs

The CIC-Chief Information Commissioner and IC-Information Commissioner currently hold tenure of 5 years and their perks are similar to that of the Chief Election Commissioners as defined in Right to Information Act, 2005. According to the new draft rules from DoPT (Department of Personnel and Training), the terms and perks of the CICs and ICs are to be fixed as that of Cabinet Secretary and Secretary to the GoI level.


The Government believes that these jobs are becoming sinecures for the favored few. It also means that they are likely to be downgraded in the “Table of Precedence”. Their positions are to be several notches down the CAG and Chairman, UPSC. They are likely to be reached to position 23 as occupied by the Secretary to GoI. The Table of Precedence is a list prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs based on the hierarchy and rank of government officials.

RTI act

The tenure and perks of the CIC and IC officials are defined in the Right to Information Act. In July 2019, the GoI amended the act to lay down terms and conditions of services to the officials.

At present, according to the act, the CICs and ICs avail Rs 34,000 as allowance. It includes rent-free full furnished accommodation, 3 LTCs and unlimited medical allowances to their spouses and dependents. According to the new rules, the allowances are to be reduced to Rs 10,000.

SC’s ruling

In February 2019, SC on its landmark verdict, in a PIL filed by RTI activist Anjali Bhardwaj rules that the CICs should have same status as that of Chief election Commissioner thwarting the Centre’s bid to bring it under its ambit.



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