NAVIC Messaging System for Fisheries Department

On March 17, 2020, the Department of Space reported at the Parliament that ISRO has designed NAVIC messaging system and receiver. The system is currently used by the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information system (INCOIS)


The system is used to broadcast emergency warning messages in cases such as tsunami, cyclone, high waves. The technology has been transferred by ISRO to 5 industries in India. One of them is the fisheries industry. ISRO has so far distributed 250 units of these systems to the coastal fishermen in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


The NAVIC is Navigation in Indian Constellation. It is an Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). Developed by ISRO. There are 8 satellites in the constellation. The main objective of NAVIC is to provide continuous surveillance of the Indian sub-continent.


The IRNSS provides two services namely Standard Positioning Services and Restricted Services. The Standard Positioning Services are provided to all users. On the other hand, restricted services are provided only to authorized users. The main applications of IRNSS include integration with mobiles, terrestrial aerial and marine navigation, precise timing, mapping, etc.


The systems will be carried by the fishermen. The device offers potential fishing zone advisories. This will help fishermen to stay within international boundaries. The system also gives warning about Oceanic wave forecasts and high wave alerts.




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