Mount Aso erupts in Japan

Mount Aso, a volcano in southern Japan has erupted. It is the first such eruption in 22 years, causing flight cancellations and prompting warnings to stay away from its crater. This eruption has spewed out lava debris and smoke, shooting plumes of ash a kilometre into the sky.
Earlier, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) had reported earthquakes and other seismic activity in late August on Mount Aso.

About Mount Aso

Mount Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan, and is among the largest in the world. It is located in Aso Kuju National Park in Kumamoto Prefecture, on Kyushu Island. Its peak is 1592 m above sea level. Mount Aso has one of the largest calderas in the world (25 km north-south and 18 km east-west). The caldera has a circumference of around 120 km.



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