Mohalla Clinic Model of Delhi

The government of Jharkhand has expressed interest in adopting the Delhi government’s flagship initiative Mohalla Clinics which provide free treatment and diagnostic services at the urban slums.

What are Mohalla Clinics?

Mohalla Clinic instituted by the government of Delhi provides quality primary health care services accessible within the communities in Delhi at their doorstep. These clinics provide:

  • Basic medical care which include curative care for common illnesses like fever, diarrhoea, skin problems, respiratory problems etc., first aid for injuries and burns, dressing and management of minor wounds and referral services.
  • Necessary lab investigations would be carried out by the empanelled laboratory for the clinic.
  • Necessary drugs to the patients at free of cost.
  • Preventive services such as antenatal and postnatal care of pregnant women, assessment of nutritional status and counselling and the preventive and promotive component of National/State Health Programmes.
  • Health information, education and awareness.

Doctors are paid on per patient basis. Each doctor gets Rs 30 per patient per day. Each clinic is ideally supposed to cater to a 5-km radius with a population of 10,000-15,000.

Along with Jharkhand, several states like Telangana, Karnataka, and Jammu & Kashmir have expressed their interest in adopting this flagship project.