Ministry of Defence signs contract for Six Pinaka Regiments

To boost ‘Make in India’ initiative of India in the Defence Sector, the Acquisition Wing of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has recently signed contracts for the supply of Six Pinaka Regiments to the Indian Army.

Key facts

  • Six Pinaka Regiments comprise 114 Launchers with Automated Gun Aiming & Positioning System (AGAPS), 45 Command Posts and 330 Vehicles to be procured.
  • These Six Pinaka Regiments will be operationalized along the Northern and Eastern Borders of India further enhancing the operational preparedness of our Armed Forces.
  • The induction of Six Pinaka Regiments is planned to be completed by 2024.
  • This project is under Buy (Indian) categorization, with 70% Indigenous Content, which has been approved by the defense minister and the Finance Minister.

Pinaka Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

  • It has been indigenously designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and productionised by the defense industries.
  • This is a flagship project showcasing public-private partnership under the aegis of the Government of India (DRDO & MoD) enabling Aatmnirbharta in cutting edge Defence technologies.
  • Pinaka is a multibarrel rocket launch (MBRL) system used by the Indian Army.
  • Each Pinaka rocket is capable of carrying a 100kg payload for a range of 40km. A single Pinaka battery can neutralize a surface area of 700m x 500m.
  • The system can engage targets with a circular error probability (CEP) of one to two percent of the range.
  • The rockets can be fitted with a wide range of warheads including pre-fragmented high explosive, anti-tank bomblet, anti-tank mine let warhead, anti-personnel mines, incendiary practice, and pilot shot.





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