Three million new jobs by 2030 to offset employment loss due to rising heat: ILO Report

International Labour Organization’s (ILO’s) World Employment and Social Outlook Report has that projected increase in surface temperature due to global warming will lead to around 2,59,000 job losses in India by 2030, especially in carbon-and resource-intensive industries.

Key Facts

According to report, global temperature rise of 1.5°C by end of 21st century will result in heat stress, which will reduce total number of working hours by 2030. It will also result in 5.3% rise work loss in percentage of total hours and productivity loss equivalent to 30.8 million full-time jobs. Environmental degradation will  affect job opportunities and also affect productivity, reduce total number of working hours.
But the loss of jobs due to global warming will be offset by creation of around 3 million jobs as India moves towards green economy by adopting sustainable practices, including changes in energy mix, projected growth in use of electric vehicles and increase in energy efficiency in existing and future buildings.
Agricultural workers will be worst affected due to temperature rise, accounting for loss of around 64% of working hours lost due to heat stress in India in 2030 in view of  physical nature of their work.  In India, an estimated 4.2% of total hours worked were lost in 1995 due to high heat levels, representing around 15.1 million full-time jobs. All the sectors except mining industry will experience increase in employment. Renewables sector will experience increase 1.5 million jobs, construction sector will see increase in 466,200 jobs and 285,200 new jobs in services.



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