Migrant crisis between Morocco and Spain

Recently, City of Ceuta witnessed an unprecedented influx of about 8,000 people from Morocco by swimming around breakwaters, separating both the countries, to reach city of Ceuta. Influx has tensed relations between Spain and Morocco.


Influx of Migrants in Spain from Morocco is a regular business but in small numbers. This time, the scale of crossings has increased exceptionally. In an answer, Spain has deployed troops and armoured vehicles across the border to round up migrants and sending them back to Morocco through the border gate.

Why influx has increased?

Influx of people from Morocco to Spain is increasing even since, Morocco has relaxed the border controls for unknown reasons. However, experts say, it was done in retaliation against Spain after it allowed leader of militant group named Brahim Ghali to receive medical treatment in a hospital of Spain.

Who is Brahim Ghali?

Brahim Ghali is the head of Polisario Front. This front is fighting to establish an independent Western Sahara, which happens to be an ex-Spanish colony which Morocco had annexed in 1970s.

Bone of contention between Spain and Morocco

Developments in the city of Ceuta is one of biggest crisis affecting the relation between both the countries since 2002. In the year 2002, a territorial dispute occurred over an uninhabited island on Moroccan coast.

About Ceuta

It a coastal city of North Africa. It belonged to Spain since 16th century. The city is a Spanish possession on Moroccan coast. It has become a flashpoint, in recent years, for migrants from Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa who wants to enter Europe.




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