Meena Hemchandra appointed as Executive Director of RBI

Meena Hemchandra was appointed as the Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
With this appointment she will be in charge of RBI’s department of banking supervision, non-banking supervision and department of co-operative banking supervision.
Prior to this appointment Meena Hemchandra was in charge of RBI’s Department of Supervision. Previously, she also had worked in RBI’s department of external investment and operations which manages country’s reserves and Foreign Exchange Department.
She also had served as Principal of Reserve Bank’s College of Agriculture Banking located in Pune. She is a chartered financial analyst from Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) and also holds a post graduate degree in Economics.
It should be noted that RBI has 11 Executive Directors who are in charge of various departments. With this appointment the portfolios of other Executive Directors remain unchanged.



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