May and Corbyn make last attempt to save Brexit Deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May is in talks with the Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, to give it a last try to save the Brexit Deal she has struck with the European Union. May is seeking an extension to Brexit before the deadline of April 12 is reached when Britain will have to leave EU by default with or without any deal. The British Parliament has not been able to reach any withdrawal plan so far.

Theresa May’s divorce deal with EU has suffered three defeats in the Parliament. May has finally offered to sit with the leader of the Labour Party to come to a settlement, an agreement on which both sides agree on. May stated that “I think we both want to deliver leaving the EU with a deal, I think we both want to protect jobs, I think we both want to ensure we end free movement, I think we both recognise the importance of the withdrawal agreement. What we want to do now is find a way forward that can command the support of this house and deliver on Brexit, deliver on the result of the referendum and ensure that people can continue to have trust in their politicians at doing what they ask us to do”.

Jeremy Corbyn stated in response that he is looking forward to meeting the PM. He said, “I welcome the prime minister’s offer for talks following the meetings that I’ve held with members across this house and look forward to meeting her later today and I welcome her willingness to compromise to resolve the Brexit deadlock’.

May’s offer to discuss the issue with the Opposition has given rise to divisions within her own party especially the hardliner Brexiteers who harbour the view that the talks with Jeremy Corbyn as a betrayal. There is a general fear among the Conservatives that this meeting with Corbyn will actually give way to a watered-down version of the Brexit as Labour Party is looking is aiming for a softer departure from EU. Labour Party is aiming that the UK should remain aligned to the customs union of the bloc and also wants to put t eh results of any final deal for a public vote. It is said that the PM May’s proposal to meet Corbyn is a major change in the stance of the British PM. She is also slated to hold meetings with the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales in an attempt to win broad national support for the deal.



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