What is ‘Machail Mata Yatra’?  

After the suspension of annual Amarnath Yatra, ‘Machail Mata Yatra’ in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) was suspended due to security reasons. Concerned authorities have asked people not to start yatra and those on way to leave and go back. Yatra started on 25 July and was scheduled to end on 5 September.

Machail Mata Yatra

Machail Mata is a Goddess Durga (also known by name Kaali or Chandi) shrine which is popularly known as Machail Mata. It is located in Machail village, from where it derives its name, in Kishtwar District of Jammu region.

Machail Mata Sthan as shrine is popularly known for its landscape of unblemished beauty with hills, glaciers and tributaries of Chenab River (also called Chadrabhaga).

Paddar valley, is famous for its world-famous sapphire mines.

43-day-long Pilgrimage happens in month of August only every year. During yatra thousands of devotees from across India pay obeisance at holy shrine of goddess Durga which includes a trek of 30-km arduous route.

Terrorism: Kishtwar was declared terrorism-free over a decade ago but it was rattled by killing of state secretary of BJP Anil Parihar and his brother on 1 November 2018, followed by assassination of senior RSS leader Chanderkant Sharma and his security guard inside a health centre on 9 April 2019.




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