Legendary Canadian ice hockey player Gordie Howe passes away

Legendary Canadian ice hockey player Gordie Howe passed away at Toledo, US. He was 88.
He was nicknamed Mr Hockey and had spent most of his career with the Detroit Red Wings, winning the Stanley Cup four times.

About Gordie Howe

  • Born on March 31, 1928 in Floral, Canada.
  • He made his ice hockey debut in 1946. Since then he had played 26 NHL (National Hockey Leagues) and 6 World Hockey Association seasons and held many of the scoring records.
  • He was in the top 10 of scorers for 21 consecutive years and was named most valuable player six times before finally retiring in 1980.
  • Howe was also named an NHL All Star 23 times and was inducted into the hockey Hall of Fame in 1972.
  • He had retired in 1971 but had made a comeback with the Hartford Whalers in 1979-80 before finally quitting at the age of 52, making him the only ice hockey player whose career spanned five decades.



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