Kisan Sabha Application developed by CSIR launched

On May 1, 2020, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI) launched Kisan Sabha Application. The application was launched to connect farmers to freight transportation and supply chain.


The application aims in providing timely support to farmers and help in increasing their profit. This is possible as the application minimizes interference of middle men and connects with the institutional buyers directly. Thus, the farmers are able to get best market rates for their crops. The rates are easily obtained better than the nearby mandi.

Functions of the application

The application helps the farmers in the following ways

  • The application connects the transporters and farmers. It also helps service providers, mandi dealers and other customers like online stores, retail outlets and institutional buyers.
  • The portal also acts as single stop to every agriculture related entity.
  • Apart from farmers and transporters, the application is also helpful for dealers who are involved in pesticides and fertilizer business.
  • There are 6 major modules that are operated by the application. They include mandi dealers, farmers, transporters, service providers, consumers and mandi board members.


Before designing the application, a detailed survey was conducted in Asia’s biggest Azadpur Mandi. Under the study, major challenges like wastage and produce being sold at lowest rates were studied.




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