Kashmir Saffron receives GI Tag

The Saffron cultivated in the Kashmir valley has received Geographical Indication Tag. It is to be noted that three other products such as Gorakhpur Teracotta, Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai and Black rice of Manipur also received GI tag recently.

About Kashmir Saffron

The Saffron cultivated in Kashmir is long, thick and has natural deep red colour. Also, it has high aroma and is processed without adding any chemicals.

The colour of the saffron is unique due to the high quantity of crocin. It has a rich flavour because of safranal and the bitterness is due to the presence of picrocrocin.

What is special about the Saffron?

The Kashmir Saffron is the only saffron in the world that is grown at an altitude of 1,600 metres.

Where are Kashmir Saffron grown?

Kashmir Saffron is a world renowned spice and is grown in regions of Pulwama, Kishtwar, Budgam and Srinagar.

Types of Saffron

The Saffron is available in three types namely Lachha Saffrin that is simply separated from the flower and dried without processing. Mongra Saffron that is detached from the flower, dried and processed traditionally. The Guchhi Saffron that is dried and packed loosely in air tight containers, joined together in a bundle with a red thread.




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