July 12: Malala Day

On July 12, the United Nations observed Malala Day in order to honour the rights of women and children all over the world. Malala is a Pakistani activist.


Every year, United Nations celebrates Malala Day on the birth anniversary of Malala Yousafzai.

About Malala

Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban gunman after she advocated for education for girls in 2012. She soon returned and continued her advocacy for gender rights despite the attack.

Malala founded the Malala Fund. It is an NGO that helps young girls to go to school. She has also co-authored the book “I am Malala”.

Malala in 2009 began to write for BBC. She was 11 when she shared her routine school life during an era when girls were banned from school.


She was awarded the first National Youth Peace Prize by the Pakistan Government in 2014. Malala became the youngest recipient of Nobel Prize in 2014 at the age of 17.




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