Israel’s airstrike on central Syria

According to military of Syria, Israeli warplanes attacked army positions in the its central region on November 23, 2021. This attack left two civilians dead and seven people wounded, of which six are soldiers.


  • As per report, warplanes fired missiles while flying over the airspace of Lebanon.
  • Syria’s air defences shot down most of the missiles.


Israel has carried hundreds of strikes on targets in government-controlled Syria for years. But it has rarely acknowledged or discussed such operations. However, Israel has acknowledged that it targets the bases of Iran-allied militias, like Lebanon’s Hezbollah group which has deployed fighters in Syria.

Israel–Syria relations

Israel and Syria have been locked in a perpetual war ever since the establishment of Israel in 1948. Most significant and direct armed engagements between both the countries was in First Arab–Israeli War in 1948–1949, Third Arab–Israeli War of 1967, as well as the Fourth Arab–Israeli War of 1973. Apart from that, Israeli and Syrian forces also witnessed extensive combat against each other during Lebanese Civil War and War of Attrition.

What is the issue?

The major bone of contention between both the countries is that, Syria has never recognized Israel as a legitimate state. It does not accept Israeli passports as legally valid to enter into Syrian territory. Similarly, Israel regards Syria as a hostile state. Israel usually prohibits its citizens from travelling to Syria. They have never established formal diplomatic relations since the inception of both in mid-20th century.




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