International Jazz Day observed on April 30

The International Jazz Day was globally observed on April 30. The 2019 edition was launched in Australia and was celebrated in more than 190 countries around the world.

International Jazz Day

  • It is celebrated worldwide on April 30 every year to recognize jazz and diplomatic role it plays in uniting people.
  • It is at the end of Jazz appreciation month which raises awareness about extraordinary history and heritage of Jazz throughout April.
  • UNESCO designated 30 April as International Jazz Day in year 2011, in an effort to highlight role of jazz in uniting people across the globe.
  • The idea for day was given by Herbie Hancock, jazz pianist and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. Jazz Day is chaired by Hancock and the UNESCO Director-General (currently Audrey Azoulay).
  • The day honours jazz, its enduring legacy, and recognizes power of music to bring people together.
  • It is to raise international awareness of need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.


  • It is observed so that worldwide communities, artists, schools, academics, historians and jazz enthusiasts come together and celebrate jazz’s roots, history, future and how it brings people together.
  • It aims to raise awareness about importance of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.
  • It is recognized for promoting dialogues among cultures, diversity, respect for human rights, eradicating discrimination and gender bias and promoting peace.
  • It also highlights role of youth in enacting social change all over the world.


It is a form of music which was born in New Orleans, US in late 1800s and early 1900s. Since then, it has been spreading around the world and has evolved into many different types of jazz music. The saxophone is a staple instrument in jazz, which is also popular in pop and rock, and other genres.