International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is observed on the 3rd of December every year. The observation of this international day is being promoted by the United Nations since 1992. The day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly Resolution 47/3. The objective is to spread awareness about the difficulties faced by the differently abled persons in the social, cultural, political and economic spheres and also to promote the rights of such persons. The theme for the 2019 edition is “Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda”. This is in light of the SDGs’ objective of ‘leaving no one behind’ in its quest to achieve sustainable development. In June, the UN introduced the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy for this purpose. The strategy aims to realize the rights of the differently abled as an integral part of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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