INST uses Fish Gills to develop low cost electro-catalysts

The Institute of Nano Science and Technology operating under Department of Science and Technology has launched an environment friendly catalyst for rechargeable metal battery.


The Catalyst used is made of fish gills. It is low cost and can be used in energy conversion devices. The catalyst invented will overcome the bottlenecks in storage technologies such as metal-air battery, fuel cell and biofuel.

The Catalyst can be used as next generation non-precious carbon-based catalyst.

Catalysts in Biofuels

The Catalysts used in biofuel storage technologies are sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and sodium methanoxide. A biofuel cells are those cells that use living organisms to generate electricity. The metal oxides used in these batteries are harmful as they cause permanent damage to tissues

Metal Air Batteries

The Metal air batteries use metals as anode and air as cathode. However, catalysts and electrolytes have hindered the development of metal air batteries.

Fuel Cell

A Fuel Cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Usually, platinum, a very expensive metal is used as catalyst.




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