Indian-origin teenager Suvir Mirchandani shows how printing in 'Garamond Font' could save US Government $400 Million every year

Suvir Mirchandani, a 14 year old Indian origin student at a school in Pennsylvania, has found a way of saving the US government $400 million dollars (£240 million) per annum. Suvir has shown how by simply changing the Font US Govt uses for printing official documents, the US Govt can save $400 million dollars (£240 million) per annum.


Rationale for the finding:
Suvir calculated that if US government uses “Garamond” font instead of the “Times New Roman”, font usually used by Govt, the Garamond font would use 25% less ink as each character in Garamond is lighter and thinner. Thus, cost of printing voluminous documents of Government would be subsequently reduced.
Federal government if used just Garamond then it could save $136 million (£81 million) per year. If State Governments also use the Garamond font, then an additional $234 million (£140 million) could be saved annually.



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