Indian Army to implement “ToD”

In order to help the country fight unemployment generated due to COVID-19 and also citing resurgence of nationalism and patriotism, the Indian Army has launched “ToD”. ToD is Tour of Duty. ToD is a three year internship for youths to work as officers and soldiers in the Indian Army


ToD is for those persons who do not wish to take defence services as a career, but still want to experience adventure and thrills in armed forces. The Indian army estimates that the budget of one single post under the scheme is to be Rs 80 lakhs to Rs 85 lakhs.

The step will also help address the unemployment crisis created by COVID-19 in the country.

The entry criteria for these candidates are not to be relaxed.


The earnings made by the individual under the scheme has been made tax free. Also, these candidates are to be given preferences in public sector jobs and also in post-graduate courses.

It is to be noted that according to the Ministry of Defence, lifetime savings of a soldier who serves for 17 years in the Indian Army is around Rs 11.5 crores.


The GoI through the initiative also tries to channelize the youths in the country through trained, diligent, disciplined military practices. More corporates are expected to come forward to hire these youths after their 3 years of services with the military.




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