Indian Army to buy small arms through foreign Military Sales

The Indian Army is all set to purchase small arms through Foreign Military sales.


The small arms are to be purchased from the US based firm FN Herstal. The small arms purchased will be used by the special forces. India will purchase 7.62 x 51 mm FN scar made by the US unit of Belgium based FN Herstal.


The small arms are bought by the army under its own financial powers. Indian Army is to spend Rs 200-300 crores to fulfil the deal.

The FN Scars being purchased will help in upgrading the fire power of the special forces in dense forests of Myanmar and North East. Also, it will replace 1B LMG that are manufactured by the Ordnance Factory Board.

Foreign Military Sales

The Foreign Military Sales is a programme of the United Sates that facilitates the sales of US arms, defence services, equipment and training.

Under the programme a Defence Security Cooperation Agency approved by the State Department intermediates in procuring the arms for the US ally (in FN Scar case, it is India).

Foreign Military Sales Vs Direct Commercial Process of India

India follows the Direct Commercial Process. This is more flexible as compared to the foreign military sales of the US. This is because, the purchaser directly contacts the industry about the services and products that he needs.




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