Indian Army Team Summit Mt. Leo Pargyil

An Indian Army team successfully summited Mount Leo Pargyil at 6773m on 20 August 2019. The expedition team hoisted National Flag atop Mt Leo Pargyil after an extremely challenging climb in harsh weather.

Key Highlights

The expedition was flagged off on 10 August by Commander, Tri Peak Brigade from Pooh in Himachal Pradesh and the expedition was flagged in by Lieutenant General PM Bali, Western Command on 31 Aug 2019 at Jhakri near Rampur Bushar.

The expedition comprised entire of troops from 18th Battalion Mahar Regiment of Tri Peak Brigade.

About Mount Leo Pargyil

It is 3rd highest peak of Himachal. It lies in Zanskar range in kinnaur District.

It is considered to be among most challenging and technically difficult peak to scale.




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