India, US and Japan navies kick off 2015 Malabar Naval Exercise

India, United States and Japan navies have started 2015 Malabar Naval Exercise of the eastern coast in Bay of Bengal and India Ocean.
The high-end warfighting and complex trilateral exercise is part of annual series of exercises conducted to advance multi-national maritime relationships and mutual security issues.
Key facts

  • The five-day exercise includes both ashore and at-sea training exercises, that would share knowledge on carrier strike group operations, anti-submarine warfare, maritime patrol etc.
  • Military-to-military coordination, submarine familiarisation, air defence and surface warfare exercise sessions will be also undertaken at-sea.
  • The joint fleet of 3 navies will include warships, aircraft carriers and fast attack submarines. Total Ten ships, five from India, four from US and one from Japan are participating.
  • US Ships: Aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt embarked with Carrier Air Wing 1 having 90 fighter aircrafts.
  • Guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy (CG60), USS Nimitz, Littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth (LCS-3), P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft and fast attack nuclear submarine.
  • Indian Ships: Rajput class destroyer, 2 other ships, a conventional submarine and a P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft.
  • Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force is deploying an Akizuki-class guided missile destroyer.



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