India, China to enhance collaboration in films

With the aim to deepen ‘people-to-people’ contact through cultural means, India and China have decided to expand their collaboration in the realm of films through festivals, exchange of artistes and students and joint productions.
India has invited China to be the principal guest country at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2014 in Goa. It also requested China to send classical films for the festival later this year.
There will be regular student and faculty exchanges b/w India’s film schools and the Beijing Film Academy, and b/w personnel from public broadcasters of both countries. Both the countries have also agreed to promote co-production of films.
India has inked co-production agreements with six other nations, including Germany, France and Poland. These provided legal frameworks for ‘private, quasi-government or government agencies’ to enter into contracts for co-production. These films will then be treated as ‘national films’ in both countries.
But there are some constraints too. India is concerned about the restrictive policy of China which allows only a limited number of foreign for screening. Most of the share is taken by Hollywood cinema. India has taken up this matter with China and both have decided to set up a joint working group to find solutions.



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