India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) report on ‘Deepening Cooperation in IBSA: Perspectives from Key Sectors’ launched

India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) report on ‘Deepening Cooperation in IBSA: Perspectives from Key Sectors’ has been launched by the Economic Relations Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Rahul Chhabra. The report has been prepared by the second batch of the fellows of IBSA Visiting Fellow Program.

The fellows of IBSA fellowship program undertook research on cooperation at the UN in Traditional Medicine, Intellectual Property Rights, and Financial Sector Cooperation & Trade in Banking Services & Energy.

About IBSA Visiting Fellow Program

IBSA Visiting Fellowship Program is an academic exchange program that was instituted at Research and Information Systems for Developing Countries (RIS) along with the support of Ministry of External Affairs, India. This programme was launched to make the IBSA partnership stronger, healthier and more active. This Fellowship program aims to promote exchange of young scholars in the field of economics and social sciences and strengthening research collaboration among India, Brazil and South Africa. It promotes joint research in the field of trade and development, macro-economy, etc. The diverse range of major issues selected by IBSA scholars from the three countries-India, Brazil and South Africa for in-depth research work includes Global Production Networks, South-South Cooperation, Agriculture, Trade and Investment, and IBSA Fund.

About RIS

RIS i.e. Research and Information System for Developing Countries is an institute of research which specializes in issues related to international trade, investment, economic development and technology. The main aim of RIS is to promote South-South Cooperation and collaborate with developing countries at various forums. It is based in New Delhi.




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