India and Vietnam signs civil nuclear cooperation agreement

India has signed Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Vietnam. In total, four pacts were signed between the two countries. The other three pacts include enhancement of aviation links, promotion of parliamentary cooperation and joint cooperation in the area of energy efficiency. These pacts signed with Vietnam, an influential East Asian Nation, are aimed at boosting the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries and is considered as a significant step in India’s Act-East Policy.

India has signed civil nuclear deal with countries viz. United States, Russia, South Korea, Mongolia, France, Namibia, Argentina, Canada, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Australia.

In recent years, relationships between India and Vietnam have grown from warm friendship to comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Both India and Vietnam are members of Mekong Ganga Cooperation. As a part of India’s Look East Policy, Vietnam is of special importance as a part of CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) desk. Vietnam is a pivot of East Asian power politics mainly because of its strategic location in East Asia and its independent foreign policy.


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