Impeachment of Donald Trump

The US President Donald Trump has become the first president of the country to be impeached twice.

Impeachment of Donald Trump

The House of Representatives of the United States recently voted to charge President Trump with inciting mob attack on US Congress. Recently President Trump instructed his supporters to March into the US Capitol building to overturn the US Presidential elections held in 2020. This ended up in an armed standoff.

US Constitutional Provisions

The United States constitution says that there are two ways to punish an impeached official. One is to remove the impeached official from his office and disqualify him to hold any office of honour, profit or trust under the United States Government. The second way is to remove an official by convicting with two third majority from the US Senate. Only a simple majority is needed for disqualification.

Grounds of impeachment of US President

The US President can be impeached based on accusation such as treasons, high crime, bribery and misdemeanors.

On what grounds is an Indian President impeached?

Violation of constitution.

Process of impeachment of US President

  • Firstly, the House of representatives of the United States has to vote for the charges framed against the president.
  • After the passage of votes with simple majority, the president is impeached. However, he is not removed from the office.
  • In the next phase of the impeachment process, US Senate, that is, the upper house is convened like a court. The hearings are held and the President shall be removed from office only if two thirds of the Senate vote for it.

Process of impeachment of an Indian President

  • The impeachment charges of an Indian President are initiated either in Lok Sabha or in Rajya Sabha.
  • After the impeachment resolution is passed by majority of two thirds in one house, it is sent to the other house. The other house investigates the charges.
  • If the other house also sustains the charges, an impeachment resolution is brought in.
  • If the impeachment resolution is passed with two-thirds majority, the president is said to be impeached.




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