High-Speed Interceptor Boats to be sent to Pangong Tso

After the 12-hour long peace talks with Chinese military in Eastern Ladakh, Indian Army is to send high-speed Interceptor boats to lake Pangong Tso where the countries are facing stand-off.


According to India, the Line of Actual Control is at Finger 8. However, the Chinese army has camped at Finger 4 and Finger 5. The meeting also discussed about releasing 10 Indian soldiers in captivity of China.

The current stand-off is the first time Indian Army is facing casualties of clash with China since 1975.

High Speed Boats

Indian Army is to send dozens of speed interceptor boats armed with latest surveillance gears to Pangong Tso of eastern Ladakh. Already there are 17 QRT (Quick Reaction Team) boats patrolling the lake.

The 134-km long lake, of which two-thirds are controlled by China is a major issue between the countries.


When India launched Operation Vijay in 1999, China took opportunity to build 5 km long road in the Indian territory of lake’s bank. From one of these roads, China can physically monitor northern tip of the Pangong Tso lake. A 45-km long western portion of the lake is under India’s control and the rest of the lake is under Chinese control.

Chinese boats are superior and can circle around Indian boats easily. On the other hand, Indian boats are simply quicker. Therefore, it is important for India to increase its counter measures and surveillance actions in the region.

Fingers in Pangong Lake

Fingers are the regions referred to spurs that extend to the banks of high altitude Pangong Lake. There are 8 such extensions and these extensions are named “fingers”.




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