Gujarat tops in Composite Water Management Index 2019

Gujarat topped in 2017-18 in the Composite Water Management Index (CWMI 2.0) report  released by NITI Aayog. CWMI 2.0 ranked 25 States and 2 UTs for the reference year 2017-18 as against base year 2016-17. On an average, 80% of states assessed on CWMI 2.0 over e last three years have improved their water management scores, with average improvement of +5.2 points.

About Composite Water Management Index (CWMI)

It was launched by NITI Aayog in 2018 as an important tool to assess and improve the performance of States/ UTs in efficient management of water resources. It seeks to instill sense of cooperative and competitive federalism among the states. It is first ever attempt at of creating pan-India set of metrics that measured different dimensions of water management and use across the lifecycle of water.

It ranks states/UTs based on water data collection exercise conducted by NITI Aayog in partnership with Union Ministry of Jal Shakti, Union Ministry of Rural Development and all States/UTs.

Ranking of states/UTs is based on key 9 themes which are further subdivided into 28 indicators. The nine themes are-

(i) Source augmentation and restoration of waterbodies (weightage:5%)

(ii) Groudwater augmentation (15%)

(iii) Major and medium irragation-supply side management (15%)

(iv) Watershed development-Supply side management (10%)

(v) Participatory Irrigation practices- Demand Side Management (10%).

(vi) Sustaiable on-farm water use practices- Demand side management (10%).

(vii) Rural drinking water (10%).

(viii) Urban water supply and sanitation (10%) and Policy and Goverance (15%).

CWMI 2.0 Rankings

Gujarat was ranked first in the reference year (2017-18), followed by Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In North Eastern and Himalayan States: Himachal Pradesh was adjudged number 1 in 2017-18 followed by Uttarakhand, Tripura and Assam.

Union Territories: They have for first time submitted their data. Puducherry was declared as the top ranker.

Incremental change in index (over 2016-17 level): Haryana holds number one position in general States and Uttarakhand ranks at first position amongst North Eastern and Himalayan States.




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