Gujarat: Poet Natvarlal Kuberbhai Pandya Ushnas dies

  • Veteran Gujarati poet Natvarlal Kuberbhai Pandya Ushnas passed away in Valsad. He was 91. He was instrumental in heralding a new wave in Gujarati poetry.
  • His first poetry collection published was Prasoon(1955), followed by Nepathye(1956), Aardra(1959), Manomudra(1960), Trun no grah(1964), Spand ane Chhand(1968), Kinkini(1971), Bharat darshan(1974), Ashvatth(1975), Rupana Lay(1976), Vyakul Vaishnav(1977), Pruthvine Paschim Chahere(1979) and Shishulok(1984).
  • He received many awards and accolades during his lifetime for his contribution to literature. He received prestigious Narmad gold medal in 1971 and Ranjitram gold medal in 1972. He also received coveted Kendriya Sahitya Akademi award in 1976.



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